About MedStar

MedStar Medicare Choice is a plan led by the doctors and nurses you already know and trust.

Doctors connecting with patients—it’s a simple idea. Regular time with your doctor can have a huge impact on the health of you and your family.

MedStar Medicare Choice makes getting care simpler for you. The plan gives you access to the quality, service, and value of MedStar and our partners.

Here for you with access to a nationally recognized network of doctors and hospitals, right here in our community.

MedStar Hospitals

In the Community

  • Physician offices: hundreds of locations and dozens of specialties across Maryland, including cardiology and orthopedics
  • MedStar Visiting Nurse Association (home care)
  • Multispecialty Care Centers
  • MedStar Pharmacy

MedStar PromptCare (Urgent Care)

We partner with other doctors and service providers in the Baltimore region to give you a complete network. Click here for MedStar PromptCare locations.

MedStar Medicare Choice and MedStar Health work together to help you live the healthy lifestyle you want. We’re also here for you to make it easy to get the care you need if you are sick.

Our doctors talk to each other. Many of our doctors are connected to each other through technology. It allows them to coordinate your care through the system, making it easier for you if you need to see a specialist or other healthcare provider. It can also help us connect you to services such as Care Advising, available to you if you are managing a difficult health condition.